My Lending Experience

I am a native to Los Angeles. I am an extremely experienced mortgage originator with GEM Mortgage. I have licensed and serving in real estate financing for 24 years. I have helped over 11,000 families achieve their first home purchase or investment. With a dedication to making the process simpler and effective I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in lending.

I entered the mortgage industry at the age of 20. I opened my own mortgage company at 25.  By the age of 35, the company had grown steadily to about 300 employees and six locations. We became a direct lender, franchise real estate brokerage, and escrow company. I had done exceptionally well in this field and created a full training system for our sales and underwriters.  I retained the training for sales and underwriting because I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and expertise.

Unfortunately, with the industry meltdown starting, I made the decision to close the company in early 2007. My plan was to close while the storm passes. This is during the time headlines were filled with closures or seizure of another bank almost on a daily basis.  The industry would undergo major reform and leave an extremely challenging lending market for years to come. In 2009, with a different set of priorities and now married, I decided to setup a smaller mortgage operation; one that could accommodate a growing family while still doing the business I have always enjoyed.

I currently lead a dedicated team in the closing of loans. I have modern state of the art systems implemented for loan originating and processing in order to maintain a high level of efficiency, allowing us to close under 30 days. A large reason is because my team does not have to wait for the underwriter(s) to dictate which additional items will be required. This is the benefit of experience created into systems.

So what’s the difference working with you? Our rates and fees are usually lower than most banks and credit unions since I work with bank wholesale divisions. However, the big difference will be service and speed. This is where I think we are setup differently. Our approach is based on principle, not on technique. Agents and customers rely on the lender to walk them through the process. It’s my genuine goal to try to be as helpful as possible to the agent and buyer.

How can I help you? I have an extremely high closing ratio. Because of the depth of knowledge and experience, I have simplified the loan process. I can foresee unexpected challenges that may lie ahead during the escrow. If a challenge arises, I most likely have dealt with the issue before. I have been involved in thousands and thousands of closings. My motto has always been “give me a problem and I will give you a solution”.


I am committed to working with real estate agents that take a serious approach to their business. I am experienced, honest, and extremely helpful. In addition to great rates, I can add a layer of protection that an experienced lender is on board. It’s still a challenging environment and your buyer / seller will appreciate that you brought an expert at no additional expense.

Jaime A Garcia

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